Why Brain Training?

Many cognitive and emotional challenges correspond to imbalances in specific areas of the brain.

Asheville Brain Training brings these areas back into balance. And when that happens, the initial problem is significantly reduced, and in many cases disappears altogether.

How Brain Training Works

1. Using a 19-point Quantitative Electroencephalograph (qEEG), and a special type of neurofeedback technology called BrainCore Therapy™, we’re able to observe your brain waves and determine where they’re falling out of regulation.

2. The qEEG provides us with 19 points of reference, each corresponding to a particular collection of symptoms. When we understand the specific areas where your brain needs a little help, we can plan your Brain Training protocol accordingly.

3. After your initial Brain Mapping session, Dr. JoJo will review your results and recommend a treatment plan.

4. A typical Brain Training session lasts 50-60 minutes. You’ll watch a movie, while your brain watches its own brainwaves and self-corrects the dysfunction. (If that sounds…well, brainy, that’s because it is. Your brain can do a lot of cool things you’ll never understand.)

5. Most patients report improvements after 5-10 sessions. (A typical treatment plan is 30 sessions, because that’s how long it takes for permanent neuroplastic changes to take place).

It doesn’t hurt. It’s not uncomfortable or unpleasant in any way. And best of all, Brain Training addresses the root cause of whatever’s going wrong.


During the course of your treatment, you’ll also benefit from some (or all) of the following gadgets & gizmos:

Em-Wave™ Biofeedback Device

Biofeedback allows you to monitor certain involuntary functions (like your heart rate) while performing normal, automatic activities. Over time, you can teach yourself to make subtle physical changes — like relaxing certain muscles, slowing your breathing, or lowering your heart rate — while doing those activities.

Biofeedback is widely used in the medical community to treat things like migraines, panic attacks, and high blood pressure.

We find it especially helpful for patients suffering from anxiety and depression, because it balances the parasympathetic nervous system. Combining biofeedback with neurofeedback is a more comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of these conditions.

(We have several other biofeedback technologies that we use when appropriate.)

Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE)

The AVE does something called neural entrainment (or brain wave entrainment).

The desired effect of entrainment occurs when the brainwave activity of the right and left hemispheres of the brain becomes synchronized. Using various pulses of light and/or wavelengths of sound, we can set the AVE to operate at the exact frequency your brainwaves like. (We’ll know what that is from your initial brain-mapping session.)

When your brain waves are synced up, you’re more relaxed and content. Less stressed. And that is the optimal state to be in when you start a Brain Training session.

Essential Oils

We’ve found that essential oils, either when inhaled or applied directly to the skin, can actually have a calming effect on certain types of brain waves.

We performed several brain mapping sessions, with and without the use of essential oils, and have been able to determine which oils are most effective. This is a newer element to our practice and we’re integrating it into our treatments as we go.

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